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Cleo Magill Kelsey Link Makeup Artist Tandem Photo


Please contact me directly if you're interested in working together.


If you'd like to book makeup and hair for headshots, please let me know which

photographer you're shooting with, what type of session you're scheduling and any special

notes about your looks. If you've already scheduled your session, let me know the date and

time in the subject line.

For red carpet and special events, include the type of event, date, time of arrival and

preparation locale. If you have inspiration images or boards feel free to include them so we can

discuss looks further. For weddings, please include your wedding date and note three to four options for when we could schedule a 30 minute intro call. *Please note that for all special events, I offer makeup-only services and hair services will need to be done by a separate artist.

If your project is film/commercial/TV please note the number of on-camera talent, the length of day you anticipate (I typically quote 8 hour days), location/s (if known) including interior/exterior as well as shoot dates if scheduled. If there are any effects needed, please indicate those as well.

For all campaigns, print and editorial note the shoot date/s and how many looks will be shot. If there's a shareable mood board and/or digitals of the models, feel free to include those with your inquiry. *Please note that for most print, I offer makeup-only services and hair services will likely need to be done by a separate artist.


If you're interested in booking a makeup lesson, mention if you're looking for a Makeup for Actors lesson, a Daily Makeup lesson or Special Events Makeup lesson. Also please note if you're another MUA looking to expand your education.

Please note: I believe that makeup is for everyone and I work inclusively with people of all genders and backgrounds. I understand that "beauty" can also be laden with nuance. If you have any concerns that you would like to address before booking, please contact me below and we can schedule a private phone call. If price is a concern and you're part of the LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC communities, please note this in your booking message so that we can find a structure that works.

When I get it wrong, I appreciate if you're willing and able to call me in so that I can do better.

Get a Quote

Please note which of the above services you're seeking and include as many requested details as possible. If your request is urgent please mention that in your message.

Thank you for contacting me! Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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