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Kelsey Link Los Angeles Makeup Artist


In her years as a professional makeup artist, Kelsey has gained a reputation for creating fresh, natural beauty makeup looks. Since getting her start applying stage makeup for fellow actors in theatre school, her work has evolved to emphasize each person’s unique attributes. Growing up, her first makeup was given to her by her mother who taught her ‘the best makeup is makeup you can’t see.’ As a teen, of course, this made little sense. But as technology has developed, it turns out mama was right and a light hand is more essential than ever in allowing skin to shine through and for a viewer’s focus to be on the story and the soul of an image.


The aim is to reveal not conceal + attract not distract.


Kelsey loves working with directors, photographers, actors, models and crews to accomplish something that none of us could do alone and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

As a local to Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, Kelsey is also available to travel both domestically and internationally.

You can find her on instagram at @kelseylink or for her other passions, interior design: @kelseylinkcreative and making and building out of steel and concrete: @catchwares

A note from Kelsey:

I believe that makeup is for everyone and I work inclusively with people of all genders and backgrounds. I understand that "beauty" can also be laden with nuance. If you have any concerns that you would like to address before booking, please contact me below and we can schedule a private phone call. If price is a concern and you're part of the LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC communities, please note this in your booking message so that we can find a structure that works.

When I get it wrong, I appreciate if you're willing and able to call me in so that I can do better.

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